Airbus 380 Paris air show demonstration ParisA380
The Paris Air Show occurs every two years and alternates with the Farnborough Air Show in England as the world showcase for modern aviation. The A380 performed several flight demonstrations during the air show with the photos below from two separate flights on the first day (June 18, 2007). During the air show, Airbus had two A380's at Le Bouget airport. One A380 was parked as a static display while the other was maintained in flight ready condition to perform the flight demonstrations. The flight demonstrations occurred with no commercial airline passengers on board allowing for the aggressive climbs, dives, and turns. All of the photos on this webpage are real and demonstrate the abilities of the aircraft.  In normal passenger service, the aircraft would not be flown to the extreme conditions shown below offering a rare opportunity to photograph the aircraft in unique conditions.
A380 takeoff video from Le Bourget 2007
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