BAC 1-11 ramp Demolition in Orlando BAC-1-11-demo
BAC 1-11 ramp Demolition
Two British Aircraft Corporation One-Elevens (BAC 1-11) remained on the Orlando International Airport ramp for a number of years prior to finally being demolished on site October of 2012. The aircrafts history spans from once serving as the private jet for Bon Jovi during a tour to serving as the aircraft which transported the Orlando Magic prior to upgrading to a larger aircraft. Most recently the aircraft were flown to Orlando under the operating name of Elite Express which planned to operate both VIP aircraft for private charters however financial and other administrative problems kept the aircraft grounded until they were both scrapped in October of 2012 as seen on this webpage.

It was rumored that the aircraft were involved in drug smuggling and also rumors that the aircrafts records were lost which prevented the aircraft from returning to the skies. The aircraft were also for sale at one point while parked in Orlando however as the bills built up, the aircraft were finally broken up for scrap and trucked away. The aircraft also made a brief appearance in the movie Transformers 3 as a back drop during a hanger scene filmed on the Orlando ramp. (see bottom of page)
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Promotional photos taken when aircraft was for sale
Photo from filming of "Transformers 3" with Bac 1-11's in the background
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