Inside 787 Dreamliner at Oshkosh 787-EAA-Oshkosh-cabin
Boeing's all-new passenger jet made its public debut when it landed at the Experimental Aircraft Association's 2011 AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis. Public tours were available with guest entering at the rear of the aircraft moving forward through the plane and ending at the cockpit and exiting via the forward cabin door.
Thousands got a chance to tour the cabin of the first 787 Dreamliner, which is one of the 787 test airplanes. Instrumentation and recording equipment line the cabin where passengers will soon sit during long-haul flights. The 787 Dreamliner had appeared at other major air shows but those were opened only to industry insiders.

The 787 Dreamliner is the first commercial jetliner to be made largely of strong, lightweight composites. That and a host of new technologies, including more fuel-efficient engines, enable the 787 to use 20 percent less fuel than today's similarly-sized airplanes. It will also travel at Mach 0.85, similar to today's fastest twin-aisle jets.
Rear pressurized cabin bulkhead
Water tanks are located through out the test aircraft cabin to simulate the shifting of weight while in flight by pumping water between the various tanks.
Several windows were modified to release pressure in the event of an emergency
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